Sunday, 8 June 2014

M&SU Assets : Ansalea Kaeris

Today I finally finished painting the last Arcanist crew to complete the Faction (excluding Ironsides as no models currently exist for her or her crew) - Ansalea Kaeris and the M&SU Assets Box. 

Under pre-M2E Malifaux, Kaeris was a Henchman for the Arcanists Faction, who unlocked access to the M&SU Assets special forces - mainly the Gunsmiths. Now, in M2E, Kaeris is a Master in her own right and represents the element of Fire (Whereas Rasputina represents water and air, Ramos is electricity, Mei Feng as metal...). 

She is chaotic, powerful and dangerous. Here's her crew. 

Fire Gamin

Gunsmith (Male)

Gunsmith (Female)

Ansalea Kaeris

As usual, any questions or comments are most welcome!


  1. Hi
    Firstly I have to say that I love these models. I have this gang , as well as Colette Sat on my "shelf of shame" at the moment and really should finish them. (They are kind of done but need some finishing touches)
    So, I have two questions if you don't mind. First, are the fire gamin painted using the flame technique you have posted before? As I was really stuck on how to tackle then.
    Second, how do you decide what to do with the base of a model? Currently I have some texture paint and a drybrush, if that, but every time I look at a base I draw a blank on where to start.

    Anyway , really like these models, really like the blog and thank you for sharing this. :-)

    1. Hey Andy, thanks for the comments!

      Yes, the flames on the Fire Gamin are done using the same flame technique as posted previously. The flesh is layered from Dryad Bark with Doombull Brown and Tuskgor Fur, and the cloth is Army Painters Wolf Grey, Blue tone ink, then Wolf Grey/White.

      As for basing, that depends entirely. My Arcanists are all on the same basing style to tie then together, and I went for neutral colours. I can confirm this basing doesn't look out of place on desert, swamp, dusty, cave, grassland, rocky, or urban boards. It's Dryad Bark (thinned for flow), then drybrushed Steel Legion Drab, drybrushed Rakarth Flesh.

      I'd take a look either at your most used gaming boards, and emulate that; or look at a photograph of the kind of area you want to represent and emulate that; or consider a theme for your models - that is to say Snow Bases are common for Rasputina, and oaken 'stage' bases are common for Colette.
      Finally, some people choose their basing to be neutral so as not to detract from the model, others choose it to be complimentary. Bright colours, dull base. Dark colours, light base. Light colours, dark base.

      Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask any further questions!