Friday, 15 August 2014

A Case for the Arcanists

It's still GenCon. I am still ridiculously jealous of everyone who's in Indianapolis right now enjoying it. Ridiculously jealous. At least I have a friend out there currently grabbing all the bits and pieces I'm after though to send them to me - so that's nice, and of course there'll be pics and blogs when they arrive.

Sadly I'm not getting this Whiskey Golem

This got me thinking about where all these would go, though. Most of the stuff he's picking up for me is Arcanists or 'basic' bits (the new Crossroads book, Arsenal/Fate decks etc...) but there are a couple of crews and, of course, a Nightmare Edition Whiskey Golem. The fact that there is a Miss Ery coming too makes me think I'm about to start a Neverborn side project, and the fact that one of the boxes was The Dreamer's 'Hide & Seek' box certainly backs this up. I also have the Tara that I recently painted, an Outcasts/Resurrectionists crew. The Whiskey Golem and the 'The Kin' box also suggest I might be sidling into Gremlins too (but they're not a real faction apparently, so that's okay).

As such, I decided I wanted to do a picture blog today, just showcasing where I keep my Arcanists. See all the pictures after the break!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

How I Paint: Greenskins (Gremlins and Piglets)

There seems to be a running trend recently, with most of my blog posts originating from the Facebook group 'A Wyrd Place' (which if you're a Malifaux fan, you REALLY should be in!). Someone mentioned that they'd need to learn how to paint gremlins and pigs. 

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to have an actual task to do. I really enjoy responding to suggestions. However, I decided not only to do a painting guide, but to prove how fast it could be by Live-Tweeting it all AND timing it. More on that later. Anyways, below you'll find a brief guide for painting Malifaux Gremlins and Piglets. This method does also work for goblins and orcs of all varieties too.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How I Paint(ed): Herald of Obliteration

A couple of weeks ago I received a 'Herald of Obliteration' box (Tara's crew, Nightmare Edition) from the USA courtesy of one of my commission clients. Whilst I'd built, based and painted (well, Tara and Karina) his translucent 'Herald' crew, this crew was part-payment for the job, and thus mine to do with as I pleased.

Herald of Obliteration
Nightmare Edition

After the break, I'll discuss how I painted this crew in a little under 1hr 40mins from brush up to brush down (yes, I've actually started timing them).