Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Poor Mans 40k

Today I wanted to discuss an alternate form of gaming, and point out that the hobby as a whole knows no bounds. Anyone can do it. Anytime. Anywhere.

 I'll let the picture above entice you in, then talk about it more, after the jump!

Building a Finecast Doombull

Today I decided was going to be another relatively lazy day - all I have to do really is some unpacking and a little bit of planning for work - and thinking of work gave me an idea. I thought today I'd post up pictures of me working on building one of my models - The Doombull, for my Beastman army.

Full details and pictures after the jump!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Slugs And Chopsticks

There's something incredibly difficult about the first line of anything you write, ever. It's a sort of intangible thing, and coming up with that perfect first line usually feels, to me at least, like trying to pin a slug down with a chopstick.
Should it be punchy and lively? Should it be quirky and funny? Should it be taciturn and to the point?

"Not quite a slug, but..."