Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How I Paint: Brilliance

This week I was asked how I painted my Jakob Lynch crews, specifically the 'Brilliance' (that is the glowy blue bits). Sadly, I'd just finished painting a commission crew which would have been perfect for a step-by-step article. 

Dark Debts

Alas, until such time as I get another Jakob Lynch commission (or finally decide that I do want a Jakob Lynch crew for myself...) this article will have to do!

First off, it's worth explaining how I did the boring bits first.


Basecoat - Bugmans Glow - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Reikland Fleshshade - Wash Brush
Highlight - Cadian Fleshtone - Detail Brush
Highlight - Kislev Flesh - Fine Detail Brush

Grey Cloth:

Basecoat - Skavenblight Dinge - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Agrax Earthshade - Wash Brush
Layer - Stormvermin Fur - Standard Brush
Highlight - Stormvermin Fur/Administratum Grey (1:1 mix) - Detail Brush


Basecoat - Rakarth Flesh - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Agrax Earthshade - Wash Brush
Highlight - Rakarth Flesh - Detail Brush

The Spirit:

Basecoat - Rakarth Flesh - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Druchii Violet/Lahmean Medium (1:2 mix) - Wash Brush
Highlight Bones - Rakarth Flesh - Detail Brush
Highlight Bones - Pallid Wych Flesh - Fine Detail Brush


Basecoat - Incubi Darkness - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Drakenhof Nightshade - Wash Brush
Drybrush - Dark Reaper - Large Drybrush
Wash - Coelia Greenshade - Wash Brush

From this stage, I mixed Dark Reaper little by little with increasing amounts of Thunderhawk Blue until it's at a 1:1 mix of Dark Reaper/Thunderhawk Blue. Make sure you get plenty of this 1:1 mix.

From here, I add in increasing amounts of Ulthuan Grey, layering all of the raised areas as shown until reaching a near pure Ulthuan Grey Mix.

The teeth and claws then get painted with pure Ulthuan Grey, and then highlighted White Scar.


Basecoat - Stegadon Scale Green - Basecoat Brush
Wash - Coelia Greenshade - Wash Brush
Layer - Sotek Green - Detail Brush
Highlight - Sotek Green/Celestra Grey/Lahmean Medium (1:1:1 mix) - Detail Brush
Add a dot of Ulthuan Grey as a highlight, then gloss with 'Ardcoat.

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