Word Bearers

The Bearers of the Word

Herein lies a gallery of a selection of the miniatures used in my Chaos Space Marines army. They are painted to mainly represent marines once of the XVII Legion "Word Bearers", though there are a significant number of those hailing from IV Legion (the "Iron Warriors"). Some are loyal to their original legion; others are loyal to their warbands, a fracture from the legion proper.

Kar'Nathal - Warpsmith

Vek'Laran - Chaos Lord

Chosen Champion

Chosen with Power Fist

The Executioners - Chaos Havocs

"Unhallowed" - Forgefiend

Chaos Cultists


The Exalted - Word Bearer Chaos Space Marines

Rhino - Attributed to "The Sanctified"

Iron Warrior Chaos Space Marines

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