The Fellowship of the Ring

Herein lies a list of all the blog posts that talk of my The Lord of the Rings "The Fellowship of the Ring" Journeybook Campaign with David Browning. It will also serve as a gallery for the models used.

The Fellowship of the Ring: Journeybook Campaign


Campaign Log:

Miniatures Gallery

Forces of Good (Painted by David Browning unless otherwise stated)

Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck

Gildor Ingloriam

The Fellowship of the Ring (Alternative vers. by Ben Kelly)

Forces of Evil (Painted by Ben Kelly, unless otherwise stated)

The Nine

The Witch King of Angmar

A Black Rider

A Barrow-Wight

A Barrow-Wight

Durin's Bane - The Balrog

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