Children of the Horned Rat

Herein lies a gallery of a selection of the models used in my Skaven army for Warhammer, and various other Skaven collections. 


The majority of my Skaven form up my own Clan Skryre Breakaway Faction - I painted my warpstone blue (as it appears in the Warhammer 8th Edition Rulebook), to represent that the Skaven had found a way to purify it to a higher energy state. This little experiment, of course, is being lead by none other than Ikit Claw, but he doesn't often show himself, instead leaving the tinkering and possibility of explosive-death to several of his underlings. And besides, if they do manage to blow themselves up, that's just one less person to share credit with...

My Clan Skryre Breakaway Faction

Ikit Claw

Skritsneek Grindpaw - Warlord

Trikk Cogspit - Warlock Engineer

The Singed Whiskers - Warpfire Thrower Team and Support Unit

Warplock Jezzails

Charcoal Guard Fangleader

The Singed Whiskers Fangleader

Bombardier for the 'Rotlung Rats' Poisoned Wind Globadiers


For Regiment of Renown, I decided to create a Clan Skurvy based group with the idea of the crew left after a mutiny. Thus, Saltskab and his pirate crew are travelling the Old World seeking signs of his old crew and ship, out for vengeance and, more importantly, to steal back his ship...

'Captain' Saltskab
 Fangleader of my Skaven Regiment of Renown 'Saltskabs Seadogs'

Kleaver - Ships Chef
Saltskabs Seadogs - Regiment of Renown

Rikkit - Slave
Saltskabs Seadogs - Regiment of Renown

Saltskabs Seadogs - Regiment of Renown


Hailing from Spineport, the Skaven port beneath Tobarro in Tilea, and home to Clan Skurvy, the Spineport Stormers are a fairly recent addition to the Blood Bowl. Led by Team Captain, Rip Snagfang, the Stormers are set to certainly raise a few eyebrows at this years league!

The Spineport Stormers
Blood Bowl Team hailing from Clan Skurvy

#14 - Thrower

#02 - Blitzer 

#15 - Blitzer

#17 - Rat Ogre

#08 - Gutter Runner

#20 - Gutter Runner


My latest Skaven army is based on the ship 'The Skabrus' from Dreadfleet, and thus the crew are based around zombie pirates.

The Skabrus
from the game 'Dreadfleet'

A Clanrat Crewrat, serving aboard the Skabrus

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