Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Book of the Month - Valkia the Bloody

In order to help myself have a little bit something else to talk about - something that could inspire me to further blog posts and alleviate some 'creative pressure' thinking up a topic once in a while, I've decided I want to have a "Book of the Month". This is partly brought on by me having recently come into ownership of a Kobo Touch eReader but also due to the fact that the book I'm reading now has me literally talking to everyone about it. Now, these 'reviews' won't always be new books, quite the opposite - due to my schedule, they'll likely only be new books if they're Black Library novels... As another aside, I will do my utmost to avoid any big plot spoilers, keeping to what readers would likely know from the blurb and previous encounters.

Join me after the jump where I'll talk about "Valkia the Bloody" by Sarah Cawkwell.