Friday, 23 May 2014

The Lure of Chaos

With 7th Edition 40K due to hit the shelves tomorrow (or in some cases, at 00:01 tonight) I've been trying to think about where I will go in the new Edition. I've not had a look at the new rules, nor do I particularly care about broken combos.

What I care about is having fun. When I aired this concern to the staffer at my local GW, I stated that I was unsure whether I would go with:

Mantis Warriors - Space Marines

Iron Warriors - Chaos Space Marines

Nurgle Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon Allies

Word Bearer Chaos Space Marines with Chaos Daemon Allies

The staff members response was "Nurgle, mate! Their bikers are Toughness 6!" - I don't like the biker models or the idea, and he's assuming I'm one of those "play-to-win" types (which if you've seen my 40k Playstyle you'll know simply isn't the case - I go fluffy to the point of not viable!)

 I used to have a Word Bearer army with Iron Warriors contingent as it was all about the Daemon Engines. Now, under 7th, I could theoretically do an 'Unbound' list with even more Daemon Engines (but having the rest of the army there too for standard games)...

Even as I type this, I can feel the lure of Chaos away from my Mantis Warriors... It probably doesn't help that these arrived on my doorstep yesterday...

And now I'm trying to decide on a colour scheme for them.
If I did Word Bearers, which have always been my true Chaos love... the red and silver would look nice, but quite similar to the BFG studio fleet...
If I did Nurgle, the green and silver would certainly be unique.
If I did Iron Warriors, it'd be successive silver drybrushes and some yellow and black details on the prow. Certainly the simplest and most striking...


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  1. I bloody love chaos.
    Do a fallen blood angels army, convert the blood angels to look like vampires and use an allied force to represent zombies/skeles/thralls etc?
    Also I really like the paint job on that Iron Warrior.