Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hire A Crew: Children of December (Rasputina)

Yes, I have a Rasputina crew for sale! Funny story this one, find out more after the break!

Rasputina and her crew were actually my first ever Malifaux models. Yes, that's right. First Malifaux models. So why am I selling them?

I recently rebased by entire Arcanists collection from a dark slate grey to a brown that matches my local gaming tables. The issue here being that this crew, due to covering of snow, could not be repainted. This means if I am to have the crew match my other Arcanists, I would either need to snap them from their bases (dangerous as it may possibly damage the models, especially ankles and feet) or to purchase and paint another crew.

I chose the second option.

So now, all that is left to say is that this crew is available for purchase at the usual cost of £65, plus shipping (and I am willing to ship globally). Message me for questions or offers!

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