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The Doors of Durin

The following is an alternative scenario for "The Fellowship of the Ring" in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Strategy Battle Game". You will need a copy of the "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Rules Manual to use these rules. Please be aware they are untested home-brew rules designed to give a fun scenario from the film!

In a "The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring" Journeybook Campaign, this battle replaces 'Scenario 11 - The Watcher In The Water'. 



Frodo Baggins; Sam Gamgee; Peregrin Took; Meriadoc Brandybuck; Aragorn; Gandalf the Grey; Boromir of Gondor; Legolas; Gimli, son of Glóin


The Watcher In The Water


The scenario is played on a board  24" by 24". The Watchers Pool takes up a half of the board, covering a 24" by 18" area, placed so that it takes up the southern board edge, leaving only a narrow 6" strip of 'land'. The northern board edge is the walls of Moria, and the Doors of Durin should be placed 6" in from the north-eastern corner, touching the northern board edge. A couple of trees and/or rocky outcrops should be placed on the land section.

Starting Positions:

The Good Player deploys Gandalf within 3" of the Doors of Durin. He then deploys Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Merry and Pippin up to 8" in from the western board edge. Finally, he deploys Frodo touching the waters edge at the centre of the board, and Sam within 3" of Frodo.

The Evil Player then deploys the Watcher In The Water in base contact with Frodo, as if the Watcher In The Water had successfully charged him.


The Good side wins if five or more members of the Fellowship escape through the Doors of Durin, including Frodo. The Evil side will win if five or more of the Fellowship are slain, or if Frodo is slain.

Special Rules:

The Pool: 

Whenever a Good model starts its movement in the pool (even a heroic move or as part of a heroic combat), it must test to see whether or not it is hindered. Legolas gets a +1 modifier to this roll.
D6 Score : Result
1 : The model loses their footing and falls down. The model is knocked prone and may not move this turn. 
2-5 : The footing is unsteady. The model may move at half speed as if in difficult terrain. 
6 : The model is unhindered by the water and may move at full rate this turn.

Speak Friend, And Enter:

During the Good Players Movement Phase, Gandalf can attempt to open Durin's Doors if he is in base contact with them. Roll a D6 and on a score of 6/6, the Doors of Durin open. If Merry or Pippin are within 3" of Gandalf, modify this roll as if Gandalf had spent a point of Might for each of them. (ie, if only Merry is within 3", Gandalf will need a 5/5; if both Hobbits are within 3", he will only require a 4/4). Note that Might cannot be used to influence this roll.

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