Friday, 4 January 2013

New Links

Today I am home from work early.

Because of this, I'm going to push forward a blog I had planned. Ultimately, if I can't give you content to read, I want to direct you to some AWESOME folks who can. Essentially, I'm popping up a humongous shout-out to the guys whose blogs I personally am following. I'm listing these in order they appear on my links pannel. It was just aesthetically pleasing - it has nothing to do with the blogs themselves! 
Meet the gang after the jump.

With all of the below blogs, I wholeheartedly implore you, that if you like what you see, take the moment to leave a comment. We bloggers do what we do for our own personal enjoyment, but something as simple as a short comment is more than enough to stoke fire in our souls and send us back out into the world for more. It feeds the flames of our passion and keeps the blogs flowing!

Painting Through The Fire And Flames

Firehawks by Scott

Scott is a personal friend of mine from Games Workshop Kingston. He's a fantastic hobbyist, when he can get around to it... and that's what this blog was designed for, giving him the push and drive to keep his models churning.

The name of the project, Firehawks from Codex: Space Marines. A brilliant (literally) colour scheme that's very unique. If the picture above is enough to whet your appetite, please go view his blog and comment! Show him some support and spur him on!

This Is Just A Tribute... To Slaanesh!

Princes of Excess

Another friend of mine who has flown the coup to the south west of England, Jim has always been a very good hobbyist - if a little averse to the machinations of Tzeentch. This blog follows the journey his 'new' Chaos force is taking - and as he's an English Undergrad, should be an interesting read!

Knights of the Raven, Sons of the Lion


I've mentioned this blog before, and I will mention it again, I am sure. The author of this blog has also been known to me a while, and I must admit that every time I see one of his models I go a little bendy-kneed. Thus it was that when he announced he would be blogging his latest project, a Dark Angels collection, I began to drool in earnest.

I've not been disappointed. 

Calth Burns!

Again, this blog has been mentioned before, and I'm not sure what I can really say! Shortly after creation, it was mentioned on a fairly large 40k blog, and then almost went viral. Heresy Era Ultramarines is the name of the game here with some seriously cool models.

And the Thunderhawk scratch build. Oh god the Thunderhawk. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Deathwatch - Watch Fortress Ghost

Project Deathwatch

Project Deathwatch is much more than the name would have you believe. The author is documenting the steps used in the creation of what sounds like it's going to be an absolutely epic set-piece. The idea is a Deathwatch Watch Fortress, manned not by a single Deathwatch Killteam, but by many, with full units fighting back a host of Necrons! The piece is to be similar to Magni's Crag (the Space Wolf VS Tyranids display at Warhammer World) in that it's designed primarily for display - with things like LEDs in the necrons and much much more.

I cannot wait to see how this goes. I am unbelievably excited by this.

Miniature Miscellany

Modelling and Musings by Andrew King

As I wrote this, I was choosing pictures to represent each of the blogs character. A model that would showcase what the blog was about. When it came to this blog, I drew a blank. Worse than that, I got absorbed into a seemingly never ending cascade of beautifully painted miniatures, how-tos and step-by-steps. It was like tripping over the edge of the world and watching the stars.

And that's what I love about Andrew's blog. It has EVERYTHING. There's 40k, Lord of the Rings... Even Battlefleet Gothic and more in there, and it's all wonderful. If you've not yet seen this blog, set it as your darned homepage and work your way through its beautiful history. 

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