Saturday, 29 December 2012


Todays post is just a short one to update you all on a little mishap that occurred to myself and David recently...

A Black Rider

To jump back, Games Workshop recently updated the FAQs for "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" with some rather large changes! It makes for very exciting reading, I must say (Riders of Rohan no longer counting towards the bow limit!), but there was one part of it that made both David and I stop, sigh, smile and admit our own foolishness. More after the jump.

The FAQs covered all of the Sourcebooks, the "The Hobbit" Rules Manual and even the Journeybooks that David and I are using in our campaign. Upon browsing the "The Fellowship of the Ring" Journeybook FAQ, the following "FAQ" stood out:

"Q: In scenarios 1-4 and 7, are the Ringwraiths on foot or mounted? Similarly, what about Gandalf in scenario 7? The introductory text talks about mounted models but the photos show models on foot. (p16-44) 
A: See the Equipment box-out on page 4.
 Both of us slapped our foreheads, turned to Page 4 and read the little inset, in regards to various options of equipment/mounts for characters used in the Journeybook.

"...players should choose whichever options best match the relevant scene in the film or book."

In other words, for Scenarios 1-4, where the Nazgûl are first attempting to break past the Dúnedain into The Shire, and then chasing the Hobbits, the Nazgûl should be mounted... No wonder my poor Ringwraiths have been getting it handed to them... The "Extra Attack" and "Knock To The Floor" rules that Cavalry are sure to give them a much needed boost.

Barrow-Wights - Work in Progress

So what does this mean for our campaign? We were to be moving into Scenario 5 (Fog on the Barrow Downs) on Thursday, but when David and I spoke, we also took a look at the Campaign Journey Rules in the "The Hobbit" Rules Manual and decided we should be using those too. We decided the rules seemed a little fairer, else Merry and Pippin would be sitting out most scenarios, and seemed a lot more fun (especially with the little rules like "Most Audacious Fellow" and "More Like a Grocer Than A Burglar"). As such, we will be resetting the entire campaign and starting afresh from Thursday 3rd January.

Watch this space for more updates... and speaking of which, keep an eye on the "The Fellowship of the Ring" tab at the top of the page as the gallery will update frequently, often without notice!

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