Monday, 23 April 2012

Slugs And Chopsticks

There's something incredibly difficult about the first line of anything you write, ever. It's a sort of intangible thing, and coming up with that perfect first line usually feels, to me at least, like trying to pin a slug down with a chopstick.
Should it be punchy and lively? Should it be quirky and funny? Should it be taciturn and to the point?

"Not quite a slug, but..."

This time, I've taken a new approach. I opened the Blog Entry on my browser then closed my Macbook. I did what I do every time I paint a model (except in the store as I can't leave the shop floor, obviously) - I put the kettle on, made a good old British "cuppa", then sat down and just got on with it.

That's actually a kind of motto for life right now. I'm just getting on with it and not really worrying.
At work, there are issues but I'm sorting them. Charlotte and I are back together and that's fantastic. I've just moved into a new room about 10 mins walk from work.
Everything kinda feels like it's falling into place (desperately trying to find some wood to touch...) and I'm actually really enjoying life.

Now, with all that in mind and as a kind of backdrop to where things are now, I decided that this blog would be a little different to all of my failed Blogging attempts in the past. Ultimately, I've always tried to use a blog as a platform for something specific, but not this time.

No, this time I'm taking a step back and just making this all about me... Posts about what I'm doing in life, what I've been up to, stuff that excites me and is relevant to me, stuff that I've done that I'm proud of.

Finally, I'm trying this on Blogger, rather than my usual love of Tumblr, in the hope the iPhone App for Blogger is cope-able and I can do what I'd do on Tumblr here. If not, I'll likely migrate back across.

At any rate, I think that's entirely enough of my nonsensical rambling for the sake of typing. I'll be back soon when I have something worth saying!

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  1. Congrats on you and Charlotte! I truly hope it goes like a fairy tale (where everyone lives happily ever after) this time around. :)