Thursday, 14 August 2014

How I Paint: Greenskins (Gremlins and Piglets)

There seems to be a running trend recently, with most of my blog posts originating from the Facebook group 'A Wyrd Place' (which if you're a Malifaux fan, you REALLY should be in!). Someone mentioned that they'd need to learn how to paint gremlins and pigs. 

Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to have an actual task to do. I really enjoy responding to suggestions. However, I decided not only to do a painting guide, but to prove how fast it could be by Live-Tweeting it all AND timing it. More on that later. Anyways, below you'll find a brief guide for painting Malifaux Gremlins and Piglets. This method does also work for goblins and orcs of all varieties too.

Here was the shot I started with. These gremlin models have been in my garage for about seven months, and the original primer was flaking after being jostled so much. The one looking down the barrel of his rifle never got primed due to his arms falling off. 

All of the models were primed with Citadel Mournfang Brown Spray. Games Workshop will tell you that if you use their Basecoat Sprays, you need to prime the models too. This is not the case. I tried it many times when I worked for the company, and I'm proving it here too. Yes, most of these were pretty much primed to start with, but the one looking down the gun wasn't. There is no difference here-on in. 

Firstly, the Piglets

The piglets were layered with a 50:50 Citadel Mournfang Brown to Citadel Bugman's Glow mix by over brushing the model. This is similar to drybrushing, but is done with a standard paintbrush loaded normally. You just lightly paint to catch the raised areas. Layering the standard way will work too, but is was in a rush. I left the hair the original colour. 

The piglets were then layered with C Bugman's Glow...

...and washed with C Reikland Fleshshade. 

The piglets were then layered with C Bugman's Glow, then highlighted a 50:50 C Bugman's Glow to Rakarth Flesh mix. The hair was washed with Army Painter Strong Tone. 

Final highlights of 2:1 C Rakarth Flesh to Bugman's Glow were added, before the tusks were painted in C Steel Legion Drab, then highlighted C Rakarth Flesh. The hair was lightly drybrushed with C Steel Legion Drab. 

The models were then finished by painting the sand (details later) and painting the base rims with AP Matt Black. 

Now, on to the Bayou Gremlins.

Straight over the Mournfang Brown basecoat, the flesh was painted C Castellan Green, any metal with AP Gun Metal, wood and boots with C Rhinox Hide and shirts with C Administratum Grey. The one looking up the barrel had his hair painted in C Administratum Grey too, and the looking glass lense was painted with AP Wolf Grey. 

The entire model was given a hefty wash of C Agrax Earthshade (though AP Strong Tone would equally do the trick). I painted the bases whilst waiting for this wash to dry. 

The entire model, except the metal, was lightly drybrushed with C Steel Legion Drab, before some more washes were applied. Hats and trousers were washed C Agrax Earthshade again. Flesh was washed C Athonian Camoshade. Boots and coats and metal were washed C Nuln Oil. The terracotta drinking flask I washed with C Reikland Fleshshade. 

The bases were drybrushed C Steel Legion Drab, then drybrushed again with C Tyrant Skull. The rocks were painted C Rakarth Flesh, washed with AP Strong Tone, then drybrushed with Rakarth Flesh again. Base trims, again, were painted with AP Matt Black. 

The finished models.

The first picture (the brown primer) was taken at 13:38, the one above was taken at 14:41. This means the entire job took a total of 63 minutes. I hope this guide proves useful. Try it, play around with it, and let me know how you get on - either in the comments below or on Twitter by following me @BKellyCS

I've added some nicer photos of the finished models below, and I'm sure that when my order from GenCon arrives, I'll have more photos of the 'The Kin' box, painted the same way; oh, and Grukk from Games Workshop's recent 'Stormclaw' box.

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