Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Note On Scheduling

My holiday week is already coming to a close, and I have successfully managed to do zero hobby... This depresses me.

Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant

Of course, as I go back to work, there will be less and less chance for me to write blog entries, and though, like before, I may be able to spend an entire evening cranking out several for use over time, I need to lighten the workload a little.

As such, whereas currently I've been updating at least once a day, I expect this to drop to three or four times per week. I thank you all for your continued support, and hope this change doesn't disappoint you too much.

Of course, I still would love to hear from you, you can leave comments on any of my blog entries and I'll gladly try and get back to you asap. Beyond that, as usual, you can contact me via Twitter:

Tyranid Swarmlord

Oh, and before I go, the next blog should auto-update at 10:00 GMT today. I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

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